Colombian photographic artist based in Paris.

I am interested in the forms and patterns of all living things. By using analog and digital photography, drawing, repurposed medical imaging, as well as by experimenting with instant photography, I explore the way in which links can be drawn between the living and the non-organic. The idea that photography could "proliferate" the living through formal analogy is at the core of my practice.

Hypersensitivity and synaesthesia are central notions in my research: they are states of emotional and sensory intensity that can be transformed into powerful tools for the analysis and revelation of the depths of the living. With these two perceptive phenomena as a driving force, I hope to express the living rather than to represent it: my images are meant to be an affirmation of life, those representing inorganic matter just as much as those of organic bodies and elements.

Member of Diaph 8.